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“Volunteers don't just do the work, they make it work”


– Carol Pettit

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Volunteers represent a significant resource to help nonprofits increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their work towards social development. We believe that every nonprofit can benefit from the right volunteer. Volunteers may serve in many capacities within organizations by contributing their time, energies and talents that help to fulfil the organizations' mission. Below are just some of the benefits to the organisation that we have observed over time:

arrow Volunteers generate enthusiasm and interest
arrow Volunteers help to create a positive image of the organization in the community.
arrow Volunteers extend and augment the work of paid staff.

They can focus on individual clients or subject areas and thus bring new insights, ideas and energy to the work. 

iVolunteer’s mission is to bring volunteers and organisations together to share time, skills and passion to promote India’s social development. We endeavour to work with all nonprofit organisations to provide compelling opportunities for volunteers to contribute and recruiting such volunteers for them.

Over time volunteer recruitment and management has evolved into a complex and challenging task – today there are multiple avenues to reach volunteers; volunteer aspirations and objectives have moved beyond a sense of contribution and volunteer retention is no longer just about providing projects. Being a pioneer in volunteer management, iVolunteer brings an in-depth understanding of how organisations can attract, engage and retain volunteers meaningfully. As the country’s leading volunteer organisation, iVolunteer offers a variety of services to facilitate your volunteering needs.

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