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  Terms and Condition
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Volunteer Placement – Terms and Conditions



iVolunteer will use all reasonable skill and care in arranging your placement in accordance with our contract (including these terms and conditions). The organizations that provide project-work are totally independent of iVolunteer and, while we have vetted or visited the project, we have no direct control over the organisation(s). Unless we have failed to use reasonable skill and care as above, we will not be liable for what projects do or do not do or for any loss, damage, expense or any other claim of any description which you suffer in connection with your placement.
iVolunteer will provide work related assistance to the volunteer till they are volunteering with the organizations through iVolunteer.

iVolunteer will not be liable for any physical or mental harm caused to an individual during his/her association. The volunteers will be responsible for their personal safety themselves whether at work or at any other place. Nonetheless iVolunteer will ensure that the volunteers are oriented well regarding their personal safety in both the cases and would extend help in case of any emergency.

iVolunteer will not cover for any expenses incurred for carrying out the assignment. In some cases the host organisation may cover the cost. It is advised to kindly clear all reimbursements with the respective organisation before incurring any expenses on behalf of the host organisation.


The volunteer must provide regular feedback and report during and on completion of the assignment.

The volunteer must adjust well in the host organisation environment.

The volunteer must be dressed appropriately and use appropriate language while on his/her assignment.

In case of any discrepancy with iVolunteer, the volunteer shall get in touch with iVolunteer and shall not talk to the host organisation about it to maintain the integrity and dignity of our relationship.

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